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purina tidy cats lightweight litter causes health problems

Purina tidy cats lightweight litter has caused serious health issues in cats. They include wheezing, bloody nose, bloody urine and respiratory problems. If you are currently using this product, please keep a close eye on your feline’s health. Please consider…


dear kitten regarding friendship

Until you’ve puked on the floor and they’ve stepped in it, you don’t know the depth of your friendship…


psa: class action lawsuit against purina’s beneful

If you are feeding your dog Beneful, you might want to reconsider as Purina is currently battling a class action lawsuit for the death of 4,000 dogs. Some of the symptoms include internal bleeding, diarrhea, seizures, liver and kidney failure….


humans 101

Good cats take note and follow these instructions. No matter how hard your human tries to stop your efforts.


feline bribes

What would you want your cat to do, if you fed it wet cat food?


the fight against pet cancer

According to Pet Trust, cancer kills one in four dogs! That’s a staggering number and a grim outlook for man’s best friend. To help find a cure, you can donate to Pet Trust. What’s more, Purina will match every dollar…