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orange is the new lost

The Oatmeal started the “kitty convict project” to improve the stats of lost cats that are returned home, which is currently less than 5% in the US, compared to 26% in dogs. It is proposed that indoor cats should wear…


the best cat tower

Cats have realised that the best towers are more mobile, patient, warm and human!


angry garfi

We all know that Tard the Grumpy Cat looks grumpy, well now there’s a new cat on the block; Garfi the Angry Cat. Garfi is a Persian residing in Turkey with his human Hulya Ozkok. Despite his constant stone cold…


lights camera fluff

The corgis of the cat world are not to be underestimated.


tumble dry

It’s all fun and games until a kitten tries to jump into the washing machine.