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Tetris fans, you’re going to love what Katris has created. The five classic shapes that you know so well now exist as modular cardboard blocks, giving you the flexibility to build shelves, benches or tables to admire and for your…


kid’s dog desk

If you have a child who loves dogs but not homework, this desk by Philippe Starck might just convince them to hang out with books a little more. Made from polyethylene and available in five colours, Starck’s Dog Desk is…


diy cat tree

Cat trees don’t have to cost the world. Watch this creative cat daddy make his own modern cat tree. The result is amazing!


mario cat climber

A picture guide for the die hard gamer in you or your cat. Or you can buy one from etsy seller CatastrophiCreations for $AU234.08. Even if you have the dosh for this climber, CatastrophiCreations only ships within the USA. Sorry…


how to get your cat to stop scratching your furniture

Is your furniture covered in plastic because you don’t trust your cat? Or have you given up altogether and not buy nice things at all? Some cat owners even resort to getting their cats  declawed so they dont’t have to…


feline furnishings

Lots of cat owners have concerns about cat furniture looking tacky and not fitting with their modern décor, hence depriving them of environmental enrichment. There are no excuses now that Modern Cat’s founder Kate Benjamin has brought modern aesthetics into…