Meet the  furry children that inspired us to start Meowoof!

Pepi’s Pawfile

Name: Pepi

Nicknames: Peppidy, Peppidous, Peps, Smelly Bum

DOB: 10th January 2008

Breed: Domestic medium hair

Colour: Silver tabby

From: The streets of surburbia

His tale: When Pepi was a wee kitty, he wandered into our yard and started smooching our legs. We checked for possible owners but none were found and so he became part of the family.

Digs: Catching bugs, food, bags, boxes, anything that moves, feet licking, drinking water from the tap

Peeves: Loud noises e.g. lightning, vacuum cleaners, etc, strangers and vets to name a few…

Quirks: Pepi is extremely vocal even though he has got no signs of Siamese in him whatsoever. He is very clingy and smoochy and will follow us around EVERYWHERE. Pepi is a sticky beak and must always know what is happening around the house.

Favourite toy: Pepi has a very short attention span with his toys except for a cheap and cheerful mouse named ‘Mickey’, which he just can’t seem to leave alone.

Udie’s Pawfile

Name: Udie

Nicknames: Cundous, Udz, Uderoo, Drooleroo

DOB: 1st November 2007

Breed: Rottweiler cross

Colour: Black and tan

From: Renbury Shelter (found in Bankstown)

His tale: For months we were searching the shelters for a puppy. A profile of a 13 week old rottie pup went online but no photo had been uploaded. We drove to see baby Udie the very next morning and were moments away from losing out to another family who was also interested in adopting him. He became our first dog together.

Digs: Water, bushwalking, head out the window, rabbit spotting, plush toy dismemberment, vets and treats

Peeves: Lightning, fireworks, butchers, drains and gutters

Quirks: Udie does not bark, he howls. He will lean very heavily on you to gain pats… he is a pat bully. He also will sneeze straight after a vigorous pat n scratch. Must be allergic to his own dander!

Favourite toy: Rainbow rope for tug of war, blue gummy bone for chewing and all sorts of bouncy balls.

Jazzy’s Pawfile

Name: Jasper

Nicknames: Jazzy, Jazzy J, Jazz cat

DOB: 1/10/ 2008

Breed: Tonkinese

Colour: Blue point


His tale: Jazzy’s story began with quite a bit of drama and thanks to his first mum, his life was saved. Unknowingly he began on the path to the meowoof family.

His first mum rescued him from the RSPCA where she was working as a vet:

I walked in the hospital that morning to hear the sad meowings and VERY angry hissing of what i assumed was a large cat. I turned to the corner and found a very tiny little kitten with a broken leg. He was promptly stuck back in a cage and labelled C, which meant he was to be put to sleep. I walked past to peek into his cage and he grabbed me with his paw and meowed. I was sold from that moment on.

He came home with me the following day once we got his xrays done and seen the specialist about his broken arm. He has been using that same paw to control all the canines he has since met.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jazzy’s mum had to move overseas. She wanted to take him with her but he is a terrible traveler and she feared the stress of flying him to another country may kill him. It just so happened that we were looking for a companion for Pepi, and Jazzy was in need of his forever home. He sounded like a cat with a good temperament so we visited him and his family and ended up moving him that same day to become part of the meowoof household. It took about three weeks for Jazzy and Pepi to warm up to each other but they have been inseparable ever since.

Digs: Bread, food, wrestling with Pepi, basking in sunshine

Peeves: Cold weather, car rides, being held

Quirks: Jazzy seems to tolerate the heat better than any cat we know, even on a really hot day, he seems to prefer staying in the sunroom rather than the rest of the house which has air con. He often sits on his favourite toys (especially Pepi), and then acts surprised to see them under his bum and then do crazy flips to chase them away.


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