Category: training

pint sized performer

Don’t let the red bow and handbag sized frame fool you, Misa Minnie is an adorable and capable dog with a long list of very unique tricks!


punjab pitbull

It’s a great surprise to see a Pitbull own a bollywood dance number like this, especially when the breed of choice for dancing dogs are usually Border Collies.


as the beast charged

One last desperate shot rang out into the air. It seemed that her fate was sealed as the Dachshund continued to charge. Suddenly a wake of carpet fibres flew up, its twitching body collapsed and slid to a rest only…


tidy dog

Watching your dog playing with their toys is fun! Wrangling the toys up everyday is not. This Kickstarter teaches your dog to put toys away after playtime is over.   Aptly named the Tidy Dog, this toy bin rewards your…


beagle goalie

If only he could throw it back.


parkour pup

Showing that there can be admiration for two different creatures doing the same thing.