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goats are friends

A Russian safari park gave their Siberian tiger Amur a live goat for lunch. This is not an unusual occurrence, however, this time, the goat has become a friend of Amur instead of food, and earned himself a name: Timur….


orange is the new lost

The Oatmeal started the “kitty convict project” to improve the stats of lost cats that are returned home, which is currently less than 5% in the US, compared to 26% in dogs. It is proposed that indoor cats should wear…


meowsic for cats

Whether you believe the science or not, species specific music makes a whole lot of sense. See if your cat likes this cat composer’s beats and help make this album go platinum catinum!


cat shaped kindergarten

We’ve blogged about a b&b place in the shape of a dog before but did you know there’s a kindergarten building in Wolfartsweier, Germany in the shape of a cat? Kindergarten Die Katze (The Cat) is a symbol of friendship…


lab’s awesome mask

This is Rowdy, a 13-year-old black lab. He recently began loosing pigmentation in the fur around his eyes, giving him the appearance of wearing a mask. His superhero look has made him a local celebrity in Oregon. Rowdy’s humans Niki…


otto the sk8er bulldog sets world record

Otto the 3-year-old bulldog has set the record for the longest human tunnel travelled through by a dog skateboarder. The skilled canine successfully glided through 30 people unassisted in Lima, Peru to take the crown. Via Huffington Post // Guinness…


purina tidy cats lightweight litter causes health problems

Purina tidy cats lightweight litter has caused serious health issues in cats. They include wheezing, bloody nose, bloody urine and respiratory problems. If you are currently using this product, please keep a close eye on your feline’s health. Please consider…


puppy rescued from the sea

A crew on a boat were enjoying a day of sailing when they noticed a yellow puppy paddling towards them in the Gulf of Naples, off the coast of Italy. The puppy looked exhausted as she struggled to stay afloat…


world’s greatest cat painting

An 1891 painting by Australian artist Carl Kahler titled ‘My Wife’s Lovers’ has been sold at Sotheby’s 19th Century European Art sale for USD$826,000, well above the estimated price of $300,000. The artwork stands at 1.8m tall by 2.6m wide…


motorcyclist saves tiny kitten from busy intersection

A motorcyclist is waiting at a set of lights in Oklahoma when a kitten appears to have fallen out from the bottom of a moving car. He is so tiny that at first, you’d think he was a leaf or…