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orange is the new lost

The Oatmeal started the “kitty convict project” to improve the stats of lost cats that are returned home, which is currently less than 5% in the US, compared to 26% in dogs. It is proposed that indoor cats should wear…


dog and cat body language

Our pets can read us pretty well, but can they say the same for us? What does it mean when a cat shows you their belly? Does it hold the same meaning when a dog does it? Lili Chen the…


neko atsume wall paper

If you can’t get enough of Neko Atsume, Eled0ra on Tumblr has created this adorable pattern for you to use on your electronic devices. Via Eled0ra


animal door decals

Made of Sundays, a Spanish-Finnish family studio has created a collection of adorable animal decals called ‘door friends’ to bring some fun and whimsy into your home. The German-made vinyl stickers are easy to apply and remove and come in…


pizza cat

Moral of the story – The faster you eat around your pets the better!


colourful pet portraits

Sydney Hardin is the artist behind these colourful contemporary portraits. Her art “combines a flat, graphic style with bright colours and an obsessive attention to detail” to bring out the true personality of her subjects. If you love her style,…


how to rock a cat eye

We posted this image more than two years ago and have recently found the artist behind the look. Her name is Tal Peleg, a talented Israeli makeup guru who likes to create tiny works of art on her eyelid. Via…


kitty communication

It turns out that cats don’t speak cat when they meow, they’re speaking feline-humanese.