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cancer signs

You may not need be a vet to save your cat’s life. If you pay attention to possible evidence an early diagnosis can increase the chances of a full and healthy life for your kitty.


dennis the obese dachshund

Just like humans, our pets are increasingly prone to becoming obese. You’ve probably seen Obie’s success story we reported two years ago. Dennis’ story is much the same. Dennis tipped the scales at 25kg (56lb) thanks to his diet of…


psa: class action lawsuit against purina’s beneful

If you are feeding your dog Beneful, you might want to reconsider as Purina is currently battling a class action lawsuit for the death of 4,000 dogs. Some of the symptoms include internal bleeding, diarrhea, seizures, liver and kidney failure….


muffin’s halo

When Silvie Bordeaux witnessed her poodle Muffin bumping into walls and falling down the stairs, she knew she had to help him cope with going blind. After failing to find any aids on the market, Silvie invented her own called…


udie is grain free!

Wooo! Our pup has made a successful transition to a grain free diet. He recently had an arthritic flare up and it was a wake up call for us to look into a more holistic approach to helping him manage…


how premium is premium?

Udie our Rottweiler cross is almost 8 years old. Although he still looks like a puppy, he recently has had much less bounce in his step. Firstly, he developed a persistent rash on his belly all winter and no matter what we…


why does my cat pee outside the litter box?

You may believe that your cat is not using their litter box because they are simply being a jerk. Unfortunately litter box issues are one of the common reasons cats get surrendered or euthanised. Jackson Galaxy is here to help…


kong cloud collar review

The cold Aussie winter sometimes brings with it a rash on Udie’s belly. Whenever it is on the mend, his licking would inflame it despite our efforts to clean the area. To prevent him from licking the rash, we bought…


one fast cat

We all know that play is an important ritual in a cat household. It helps our kitties release all the pent up energy they would spend out hunting in the wild. When this energy is not released, it could lead…