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Tetris fans, you’re going to love what Katris has created. The five classic shapes that you know so well now exist as modular cardboard blocks, giving you the flexibility to build shelves, benches or tables to admire and for your…


mewgaroo onesie

Unihabitat has extended their mewgaroo hoodie to be a full body jumpsuit or onesie. From the waist up, the two are essentially the same, but with the jumpsuit, there’s of course a joined pant and a detachable tail that acts…


cat gloves for smart phones

Online apparel store Felissimo joined forces with novelty company YOU+MORE! to bring you cat gloves for the tech inclined. The gloves come in three prints, and are made from a suede-like material with embedded conduction pads on the tips of…


hand crafted cat bags

At first glance, you might have mistaken this bag for a real cat. Cat lover Pico is a Japanese housewife who loves making feline crafts. Her handmade cat bags have generated lots of interest on the internet. Before you reach…


animal door decals

Made of Sundays, a Spanish-Finnish family studio has created a collection of adorable animal decals called ‘door friends’ to bring some fun and whimsy into your home. The German-made vinyl stickers are easy to apply and remove and come in…


pooch selfie

The struggle to take the perfect selfie with your dog is real. So much so that Jason Hernandez invented the Pooch Selfie – an attachment for your smart device that holds a ball. Your dog’s attention will be solely on…


cat shaped eggs for the purrfect brekky

Egg Addiction has created a kitty shaped egg mold to improve your breakfast experience. The molds are made from FDA food grade silicon and come in two sizes – standard for chicken eggs and mini for quail eggs. Eggcellent! Via…


cat jenga

Cat Jenga by Comma is the purrfect game to play with your friends. How? The aim is to stack wooden cats on top of one another without the kitty pile collapsing. Available in teak and maple, each pack comes with…


cat in a (wizard) hat

Is your cat into magic? Make their dreams come true by giving them their very own wizard hat. An inflatable purple hat that glows in the dark, the wizard hat will truly enhance their magical power and put the purr…


werewolf dog muzzle

There are cute dog muzzles that make your dog look less threating and then there are muzzles that tell others to stay the hell away. Zveryatam , an online store based in Russia is selling a muzzle that transforms your…