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Tetris fans, you’re going to love what Katris has created. The five classic shapes that you know so well now exist as modular cardboard blocks, giving you the flexibility to build shelves, benches or tables to admire and for your…


mewgaroo onesie

Unihabitat has extended their mewgaroo hoodie to be a full body jumpsuit or onesie. From the waist up, the two are essentially the same, but with the jumpsuit, there’s of course a joined pant and a detachable tail that acts…


cat shaped kindergarten

We’ve blogged about a b&b place in the shape of a dog before but did you know there’s a kindergarten building in Wolfartsweier, Germany in the shape of a cat? Kindergarten Die Katze (The Cat) is a symbol of friendship…


neko atsume toys now available

Neko Atsume has recently conquered the Japanese-illiterate market with the release of this obsessive game in English. It was only a matter of time until Kitty Collector got its own toy line. You can now have your favourite cats lounging…


cat cafe pub

Cat cafes are the norm now so if you love cats but need them with a twist, there’s a pub in Bristol in the UK that you might want to visit. The Bag o’Nails has 15 resident felines who will…


otto the sk8er bulldog sets world record

Otto the 3-year-old bulldog has set the record for the longest human tunnel travelled through by a dog skateboarder. The skilled canine successfully glided through 30 people unassisted in Lima, Peru to take the crown. Via Huffington Post // Guinness…


17 dogs losing their beds to cats

Just because you bought a small bed for your cat and large bed for your dog doesn’t mean that the sleeping arrangement will turn out as planned. More hilarity here


hats for shelter cats

Shaina Fishman and her fashion stylist friend Ryen Blascheke collaborated on a project which aims to bring attention to shelter cats and increase their adoption. Cats In Hats is a light hearted series featuring rescued cats and kittens from Brooklyn…


engagement photobomb

Louie the dachshund loves his human Megan Determan, and attention, and leaves. When she got engaged to Chris Kluthe, the couple wanted to include the little wiener in their photoshoot. The photographers of DnK Photography were informed that Louie enjoyed…