Category: meow clips

flail for freedom

It’s so close I can almost touch it!


feeding on feet

The trap was perfect but the kitten’s attacks have little effect.


tears of joy

Get your life rafts ready because the dam is about to burst. And just when you thought that was it, bring on the kittens!


new cat in the house

With that type of introduction we don’t think the new cat is welcome…


kittens see, kittens do

The two talking cats have just created three talking kittens of their own.


cat composer

You are watching the up and coming Meowzart before he takes the world by storm.


shake cats

Portland photographer Carli Davidson has captured something we don’t often see – cats in mid shake. And turns out they are equally as hilarious and awkward, as their canine counterparts. Carli coaxes the cats into shaking by petting them with…


motorcyclist saves tiny kitten from busy intersection

A motorcyclist is waiting at a set of lights in Oklahoma when a kitten appears to have fallen out from the bottom of a moving car. He is so tiny that at first, you’d think he was a leaf or…