purina tidy cats lightweight litter causes health problems



Purina tidy cats lightweight litter has caused serious health issues in cats. They include wheezing, bloody nose, bloody urine and respiratory problems. If you are currently using this product, please keep a close eye on your feline’s health. Please consider avoiding purchasing this product if possible as it is not worth the risk.



Here are some reviews of the product on Amazon



This isn’t the first time a Purina product has been reported to adversely affect pets, we posted earlier this year that Beneful is facing a class action lawsuit for the death of 4,000 dogs.

As parents of furchildren, we need to be more aware of the food and products we give our babies and not be blinded by big budget campaigns and advertisements from giant pet brands. They may claim to have our pets’ best interests at heart but that is not always the case.

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  1. Alyssa Dawne

    Here is the message that I posted to the company yesterday:

    It has taken me a couple of days to write this post because honestly, I am not the type of person to quickly jump to conclusions and blame a company for something or submit a complaint. After a vet visit for my kitty resulting in various tests, a bill for $1020 and an incredibly emotional couple of days, this is very much warranted. I will be following up this post with an email to the company, including a scanned copy of her vet bill & prescriptions, but something really needs to be done.

    My 6.5 year old cat, who I adopted just weeks after she was born & who is otherwise very happy & healthy, started vomiting a lot about a week ago. This is very abnormal for her and she is never one to really vomit or cough up a hairball. Within a span of 2 hours while I was waiting to get her into the vet, she threw up 7 times. Upon the vet first seeing her, I was informed that my kitty was very dehydrated and also had a low temperature due to poor circulation (caused by the dehydration). I thought it was strange that she was so dehydrated, since she had only been throwing up for a day before we brought her in and she was still eating her wet food regularly. The vet asked if she may have swallowed something as she was concerned that my kitty had an obstruction. I really didn’t think that would be a possibility though, as in the last 6.5 years, I have never seen her try to eat something or put something in her mouth that wasn’t food or a treat. I of course gave the vet the OK to run blood work, urine analysis and x-rays. After 2 days in the vet, it was determined that she indeed had an obstruction, but it had moved to her lower intestine and, thankfully, surgery would not be required. Since then, I have been monitoring her, checking her poop for signs of what may have caused the obstruction and given her 3 different medications in 6 oral syringes throughout the day – pain meds, a coating liquid and something to prevent acid from forming/building up. Why all these medications? Because after throwing up so much, she had burned the lining of her esophagus and was in pain because of that.

    Where does the Tidy Cats Lightweight litter come into all of this? Well, the morning after we picked her up from the vet, I noticed that she had litter stuck to her paw. Let me say that I have used the same litter from Costco for years, but I ran out and needed something quickly to fill up the litter box before I could make it to Costco again. Very quickly after using the Tidy Cats Lightweight litter, we noticed a CRAZY amount of dust building up around the litter box, as well as dusty paw prints all over the house. I had never seen anything like that. Now, here my kitty was licking at the litter that was stuck to her paw. I noticed that as she continued to lick at it, it created almost a cement-like paste, which she then tried to bite off to remove it from between her paws. I grabbed a damp paper towel and did my best to remove it, but it was incredibly difficult due to the hardened paste it had created around her fur/paw. That is when it dawned on me – if she was ingesting this litter bit by bit, that would explain the blockage in her intestines, as well as the dehydration. I will also mention that she has pooped a few times since being home, and I have been checking that as instructed by the vet. I have yet to find an object or possible cause of the obstruction and only noticed that it seemed to be have a very tacky type of feeling to it and she made quite a few visits to the litter box trying to get whatever was bothering her out. I notified my vet of my findings right away and also immediately got rid of the litter.

    I must say, once I thought that this litter was the cause of the issue, I searched online to see if others had experienced something similar. I was immediately overwhelmed with anger and sadness as I read review after review from cat owners telling their stories of vet visits, sick kitties, and sadly, way too many deaths. It absolutely breaks my heart. Then I come to your Facebook page and see even more complaints and concerns, yet you continue to say “our LightWeight litter is safe and can be used with complete confidence.” Over and over again, that comment keeps coming up. How dare you. People are spending a lot of money trying to save their cats, and others are sadly losing theirs. It makes me sick to think that this product is still on the shelves despite the VERY large number of comments, reviews and stories about how harmful this has been. As I said, something needs to be done. No litter or product should be sold knowing the amount of illnesses and deaths that are being brought on because of it. No consumer should have “complete confidence” when purchasing this product, and I will continue to warn people of its negative effects. For most of us, our animals are a part of our family and I can only hope that you have enough respect for your consumers to rectify this situation and to pull this product from all shelves immediately. No amount of profit should be worth the number of families and animals affected.

    • meowoof


      Thank you for sharing your story and message to Purina. We are shocked that products like these are still being sold too. Unfortunately, it may take a while for it to be pulled from the shelves, but until then, we’ll keep spreading the word and hopefully prevent more kitties from suffering as a result of using this product.

      We hope your cat makes a full recovery. Sending good vibes and purrs from Sydney, Australia.

      • Hannah

        I heard about this last year and posted on their fb page. People have been commenting about the deaths and neat deaths of their cats. Tidy cats says there is nothing wrong with it. And please send them a private message.

  2. Diane

    I agree with everything I am reading on here. My sweet kitty also had severe respiratory problems after I began using this product. Yes, there was an expensive trip to the vet. The only difference there had been in our house was the use of this cat litter. I threw it all away immediately and bought my old kind. It took awhile — and meds — before my cat was back to her normal self. Stay far, far away from this product!

    • meowoof


      Thanks for your story. We’re glad to hear that your cat has recovered from the ordeal. The word is definitely spreading about this litter and hopefully, Purina will stop selling it as a result.

  3. Andrew

    I currently use this litter. So far all I have seen is anecdotal evidence. I would like to see a peer reviewed paper on this. Barring that I will continue to use.

    • Grady Powell

      Andrew, it’s a damn shame that you don’t care about your own cat enough to stop using this litter. After reading these comments here and other sites, why would you want to take the chance? You need to be safe if you love your cat(s) and use something else, before it’s too late. You can bet there will be another class action suit against Purina…

    • meowoof

      We’re glad to hear that your cat is doing fine. We’re not saying that every cat that uses this litter will become ill, just alerting cat parents that there have been too many complaints regarding this product to ignore or be brushed off as a coincidence. Food and litter are essentials, they should not have ANY adverse affects on the health and wellbeing of our beloved felines.

  4. Stephanie

    My cats used this litter and the dust thing is real, even my dog is sneezing/coughing! I assumed it was a respiratory infection and got the antibiotics and it still didn’t clear up, I haven’t noticed any of the other symptoms people have reported, but I’m switching back to the normal weight litter that I never had problems with before, the only reason why I bought it in the first place was I couldn’t lift the normal weight litter due to injuries from a cat accident.

  5. I have a buyer of one of my kittens warn me about 2 litters Tidy cat was the Main one killed 2 of their kittens when they realised what it was they switched to another litter also made by same company Same thing . I am sorry for all your kittens I shared this link for a bunch of beautiful cats to have a chance thank you One of the 2 kittens was from me I think ill stick with my Cat Genie

  6. Kara Irwin

    I am the founder and directer of The Ohana Project, a special needs animal rescue. We deal primarily with special needs cats, but do have other species here as well. We are using Tidy Cat Light and have been for about 6 months now. We have had none of the issues mentioned above and with 105 cats in residence using 48 cat boxes, I would expect to see issues if they were there to be found. I will definitely talk to our board about this and be watching to see if any actual lawsuits go through. I would like to see some actual studies on this litter as well. I will say that it is a dusty litter and I would prefer unscented to the high perfume.

    • meowoof

      Thanks for your input. It’s great to hear that your rescue organisation has had no issues using this litter over the past 6 months given the number of cats in your care. It would be interesting to see studies done to find out just how many cats have been affected. From the comments alone, we can see there are both people for and against this litter and there is really no scientific finding that backs any of this up.
      However, litter should be judged on performance, i.e. tracking, absorbency, odour control etc, so when there are claims that it could potentially make your cat very ill, we could not help but raise awareness about this litter and let cat parents make their own decisions based on consumer feedback.
      Just out of curiosity, why do you use this litter despite the dust and strong scent?

  7. Judy

    Its this just the lightweight or all Tidy cats litter? I have a female that is losing her hair and did so last as well. And my male cat has started using a towel to try to go on. He is trying to go potty but only squeezes out a little urine and blood. Our Vet told us to give him more water but he drinks water all the time. But its definitely worth changing litter if this could be the cause of both kitties problems We have used the lightweight and regular Tidy Cat.

    • Victoria Crissman

      Judy, it is very likely that your male cat is suffering from urinary stones/crystals. This can quickly become life threatening as they can block the urethra and cause the bladder to overfill and rupture. Did your vet check for this? If not, you need to take your kitty to a different vet immediately. This is a problem vets see a lot, and as a vet assistant, so have I. The cat usually needs have a urinary catheter placed to help unblock the cat and irrigation to pass the stones, and put on a special diet to stop the formation of crystals or stones. The type of diet depends on what the composition of the crystals or stones is. This is completely unrelated to the litter, but is a very urgent medical problem.

    • meowoof


      The current complaints only apply to the light weight litter. Some seem to think that their cats’ urinary infections are caused by the ingestion of the litter – when they remove bits stuck in their paws.

  8. Connie

    I’m glad I’ve never bought this litter. Although I use Tidy Cats, it is the regular litter. Thanks everyone for the warning. I’m so sorry for all the furbabies that have suffered or died.

  9. Vickie

    This is quite disturbing. I just purchased this light weight cat litter to try and I have to say it is extremely messy. Dust from it is every where when I clean the boxes each morning and I noticed that it sticks to the kitties fur and like one person said it’s like a cement and hard to get out. I sweep and mop regularly (every day) around the boxes and in the rooms where the boxes are. One thing I have noticed, not in the cats health but my own is I am congested and wheezing myself only since I’ve started using this litter for them. Once I post this I am going to dump the boxes and use a better brand of litter so if anyone else is having problems themselves you better get rid of this stuff.

  10. Sarah

    Just found your FB page re: Tidy Cats Lightweight. Am in the process of changing back to Arm & Hammer. My cat is a golden oldie & I just thought that he was having age related digestive issues. Had him at the vet a couple of weeks ago to get an enema of all things. Well, to make a long story short. I clean his water bowl every morning. Using Tidy Cats, I find grains of it in his water. The cat has always drank with his paw. I realized that he is ingesting the litter!! I feel so awful for him. I’d switched to Tidy Cats Lightweight because I have serious back problems. Never again!!

  11. Elizabeth

    In the same boat! I bought this litter on Promo and the idea of good light weight litter. Unfortunately it cost me close to 500.00 so far in Vet bills My poor lil guy has same symptoms bladder infection with blood and breathing and vomiting. On a round of antibiotics now . I was looking for a cause when I started googling yesterday. This really makes me angry!!! I was using up the last of the litter never to buy again because it stuck to everything including cats; the dust was bad and clumping not great. After reading all this I threw it out cleaned out the boxes and refilled with my old brand for now. Thank you so much for the info . its off the shelves tomorrow !!!

  12. Tina Taylor

    Please do not use Tidy Cat Lightweight Litter. It almost killed our kitten. I sent an email to the company and they sent an automated email saying they would respond but they have not.
    We bought the litter and within a week of using it our cat was in the ER unable to breathe. We rescued Maverick at two weeks and he is almost a year old. Since he was bottle fed he went to the vets every two weeks until he was 6 months old and neutered.
    Our cat has been to the Emergency Room and it’s due to something that got into his lungs. What was different in our house? Tidy Cat Lightweight Cat Litter. My perfectly healthy kitten now has severe asthma and uses an inhaler. He will never be healthy again. Had he been older he would have died.

  13. Has anyone had personal issues with the litter? I used it in multiple litter boxes. I became very short of breath over a period of time. I have to ware a surgical mask. I have been diagnosis with fibrosis and have to use oxygen. Has anyone else had this problem?

  14. Alexis

    We recently got kittens, and both of them have been unwell since about a week after we got them. One has had pink eye and an upper respiratory infection, the other has been wheezing, and both have been sneezing constantly. We’ve been using this litter since we’ve had them, and just a few hours after changing it to a different brand, their sneezing has died down and the other’s wheezing has improved. I’m absolutely disgusted that this product is allowed to be distributed still, and I plan to alert the animal shelter I volunteer at of the danger.

  15. Katie

    I just searched bloody nose cat in google and got this site. THANK GOD I did. I noticed my cat sneezing and he had dried crusty bloody nose and some eye boogers. I don’t know if it is the Tidy cat litter but thats what I was using because it was cheap and I’m a college student. But after reading this I immediately went to the store and got a different brand!! I hope his sneezing and bloody nose stops. ALSO the tidy litter is super super dusty and it gets everywhere…

  16. Kelly

    Hello! I was a fan of this product just because it’s a lot easier to drag up the steps, I will be finding another litter now though! I was wondering, do all of the lightweight littles have these adverse effects? Does anyone have a lighter litter recromendation?

  17. kitty meow

    This litter is absolutely dangerous! we too bought this to tide us over and i have always liked tidy cats but when we got this litter my 4 yr old started sneezing excessively, crusty eyes and boogers. we took her to the vet with 3 rounds of antibiotics. she was incredibly ill. i am ashamed that they are still putting this on the shelves knowing many cats have gotten sick and almost died. she only started getting better once we got rid of the litter and scrubbed the boxes clean.

  18. K

    I wish I would have read about this before buying 😡

    I can’t believe they are still allowed to sell this garbage… my cat is 5 and has NEVER had any health problems. I’ve been using it for about a month and a half but my cat didn’t show any signs of problems until the last couple days.. he has been coughing a lot during the day and worse at night.
    After reading that people’s pets have died from tidy cats breaks my heart and I hope mine ends up ok.

    Please don’t buy this….. it clearly just causes extreme problems for both you and your pets.

  19. Liza

    I recently had this with FreshStep Extreme light weight with Febreze! $800 later my 5 kats are getting better. FreshStep had me call and send in all my information. Lets see what happens next.

  20. Randy Christensen


    I tried Purina’s Lightweight Tidy Cat litter. After about a week of use, I found my two cats and myself, whizzing & coughing. I went online and after reading all the negative reports about this product i immediately through it out. My Maine Coon cat Max continued to cough. I took him to the vet and they gave him antibiotics and steroid injections. An xray showed that part of his wind pipe had collapsed. He continued to have respiratory problems and all the Vets could not determine what the cause was. All I know is my beloved 9 year old cat was perfectly healthy until I introduced this horrible stuff into our home.

    About 4 weeks later, Max died in my arms from respiratory failure.

    PLEASE don’t use this litter!

    I still think of my beloved Max everyday.

  21. Rita Garrison

    These stories are horrible! I will never use this again! In fact, I might change litter brands altogether! I’m using regular Tidy Cat 24/7’now and still notice breathing problems in myself and she has watery eyes! Going back to Arm & Hammer. Please, for your cats sake and your own don’t use Tidy Cat!

  22. Today’s is 9/17/17. My daughter, Alysa contacted me this morning with concerns of how her cat, Floyd had acted the previous night. She stated he was whining a lot and peeing in weird places instead of his normal litter box and that he was showing signs of distress. I immediately suggested she take him to the vet. Then I received a text message from Alysa stating that the vet must do emergency surgery today on the cat…$800ish worth and that he might very well have to be placed on a special diet for the rest of his life. My daughter says the vet said the surgery must be done because they found crystals stuck clogging and so they must clean out his bladder/kidney. When she told me this I quickly asked what litter do you use. She says she now uses…Tidy Cat Lightweight. I began to research this type of litter. Oh wow, I saw many bad reviews. Obviously I told both Alysa and her Dad to get rid of that litter because it’s probably the culprit.

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