puppy rescued from the sea

A crew on a boat were enjoying a day of sailing when they noticed a yellow puppy paddling towards them in the Gulf of Naples, off the coast of Italy. The puppy looked exhausted as she struggled to stay afloat in the open waters.

It was hard to maneuver the boat but eventually, the crew were able to pluck the puppy from the frigid waters. They kept her warm and headed back to shore.





The question on everyone’s mind was how did the pup end up in the sea. Turns out that earlier that morning, a puppy named Noodle slipped through her leash and fell overboard during a ferry ride. Her panicked human Mario Di Meglio notified the ferry crew but they refused to stop, saying that Noodle had likely already drowned.

Fortunately, the sailors found her half and hour later and Noodle has since reunited with Mario.

Watch the dramatic rescue below

Via The Dodo // Facebook


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