neko atsume toys now available

Neko Atsume has recently conquered the Japanese-illiterate market with the release of this obsessive game in English. It was only a matter of time until Kitty Collector got its own toy line.



You can now have your favourite cats lounging around in physical form thanks to toy maker Bandai. Our understanding is that the kitties will come in a random pack of eight, each in their own capsule. The set also comes with a pop-up backyard scene and a sheet of stickers. It might take a while for you to collect them all but that’s the fun part isn’t it?







So far, we’re aware that you can purchase them through Hubbyte or Hobby Link. We’ll update this post as we find out more. Feel free to share your knowledge about the toys in the comments as Bandai’s page is entirely in Japanese.



Via Bandai

Update – 01.12.2015:
Suddenly Cat stock some of these figurines but they’re selling out fast!
We also found Rakuten sells other Neko Atsume merchandise.



  1. Brigitte Reed

    I can attempt to translate (or romanize, if I can’t read the kanji and if google doesn’t help me) some of it for you.

    So, from top to bottom it says:

    “Neko Atsume (Cat Collector, I’m assuming lol)

    *Sukurōru suruto shōhin jōhō ga goran itadakimasu (To see product information, please scroll down)

    Neko Atsume (Cat Collector)

    160mm wide (6.3 inches)

    *Shōhin wa kanshū-chū no tame, henkō suru baai ga gozaimasu (Product is in development and is subject to change)

    Neko Atsume (Guess what this is! Yup, “Cat Collector”!)

    ouchi de neko atsume (Collect cats at home)

    ouchi de riyare (real) ni “neko atsume” wo saigen de kiru! (The real “Cat Collector” can be reproduced at home! [or something to that effect])

    itsu demo doko demo neko tachi ne muchu! (Anytime, anywhere! [There is also something in there about “crazy”, but I didn’t know how to put that in the sentence and still have it make sense])

    [In the quotation bubble] Saisho no rōdingu gamen no dezain (Design of the first loading screen) –> OPEN!!

    POP UP kaado wo hirakuto, uddodekki ga detekuru! (When you open the pop up card, the wood deck appears!)

    [Photo with the pink pin, blue text] Kyuu Getsumatsu appudēto yotei no rain’nappu (We have a lineup of updates planned for the end of September)

    [Photo with pink pin, pink text] Dōmu-gata burakku ga ichihayaku tōjō (Black domed cat bed quickly appeared! [That is a very loose translation]) (Taken as one sentence it possibly means that they are adding a black domed cat bed at the end of September as part of their updates)

    [Photo with yellow pin, blue text and pink text] Apuri no neko atsume to onajiyōni, iron’na kakudo kara satsuei [撮影] deki chau (Just like [unlike?] with Cat Collector, you can take pictures from different angles!)

    [Photo with green pin, blue and pink text] Ofisu ya ribingu nado, iron’na basho de kazaru koto ga dekimasu (Office or living room, it can be used to decorate various places!)

    (Photo with pink pin, blue text and pink text] Rimen ni hane ko-tachi no sō gara (総柄)ga gashapon de 10gatsu hatsubai no neko-tachi to ichi chou ni kazatte mo yori kawaii (Something about how the stickers will be released as cute cats in October. Probably through the use of vending machines.)

    Setto naiyō (Set Content)

    POP UP kaado (uddo dekki) 1 (1 Pop Up card with deck)

    neko (manzoku-san; akage-san; haiiru-san) (Cats: (Satisfaction-san, in English his name is Tubbs); Favor-san (I haven’t gotten that cat yet; don’t know her English name); (Gray-san, in English his name is Shadow)

    guzzu (gohan sara (aoi); gomu bouru (ki); doumu burakku) (Goods: Food Bowl (Blue); Ball (Yellow); Black Domed cat bed)

    [I don’t know if you get all of these things in one package or if you get one of each and it is randomized]

    [Big orange text with White cat] nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa (It’s like the cats are cheering. nyaa is how the Japanese say “meow”. It’s actually pretty funny lol)

    Hanbai kakaku (Price) 2,222 yen (about $20 USD) Zeikomi (Tax Included)
    * Sōryō tesūryō betto (Shipping fees additional)

    Yoyaku kaishi: 09/18/2015 (Pre-Order Date: September 18, 2015)

    O todoke jiki (Delivery Date: Approximately January 2016)

    Kapuseru demo shōhin hatsubai kettei (Product also comes in capsules!) [I assume this is similar to a vending machine-type deal where you put $.50 into a machine and you get a random toy]

    Zenkoku no gashapon jihanki nite 2015 10 hatsubai yotei (They will be released nationwide in the Gashyapon vending machines).

    (ok, I’m going to get lazy here. I’ve spent 4 hours on this, lol.)

    It looks like the capsules will be about $3 each.

    And I think below it says something about how from October 1, 2015 through November 2015, you can get a little white neko charm by entering a contest through There are probably 500 available, and the rest of the text is most likely contest rules.

    Hopefully I didn’t mess up on the translations too badly! I am in a beginning Japanese class in college; if someone has any corrections to add, please do!

  2. Sparks

    Did you see that they have the option to change the text into English now? If you go to the menu and click on settings, the little gear, there are two buttons. The one on the right changes it all into English! No more guessing or consulting guides! I love reading all the item descriptions! ^^

  3. Archamais

    I just came back from Tokyo and these were in gatcha pon machines (capsule toy machines) but it was only a set of 6 (no ginger or caramel coloured ones) there seemed to I be info on the back of the leaflet on how to order the scenery and stickers

  4. Jay

    Just wanted to say you might want to add a hyphen in “japanese-illiterate” in the first bit because everyone I’ve asked thinks first “illiterate people in Japan”, lol, and I think that’s not what you intended

  5. where / how do i buy these? i got this game and i didnt even know it was popular. i thought it was an underdog game that not a lot of people know, but now i figure its a big thing. i have bought everything out of the store currently and gotten a remodel, the one shown in the pictures 😀

  6. Jojo Tan

    Hello, would you know where I can buy Neko Atsume toys in Singapore?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance =)

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