baby deer refuses to leave rescuer

Nature lover Darius witnessed the birth of two fawns in his back yard. One of them however had an injured leg.

She struggled to keep up with her mum and sibling and eventually got left behind.

Darius took the fawn in because the wild is even more dangerous when injured.

He fed the baby deer every four hours.

And made her a leg brace out of an oatmeal box.

She grew strong and was able to walk properly again.

Mack the Bernese mountain dog acted like her foster dad, always cleaning her making sure she didn’t wander off too far.

Darius felt she was ready to return to the wild.

He tried to release her many times but she always came back.

Until one evening, they spotted her mum and sibling. The fawn rejoined the family and Darius couldn’t be more happy for her. He still sees her now and then; being wild and free.

Watch full video below.

Via The Dodo


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