motorcyclist saves tiny kitten from busy intersection

A motorcyclist is waiting at a set of lights in Oklahoma when a kitten appears to have fallen out from the bottom of a moving car. He is so tiny that at first, you’d think he was a leaf or something. They say cats have nine lives and this one sure used up a few of them because he had a few very close calls.

But thankfully, the lady on the bike was able to safely reach him in time without anyone getting hurt.

Watch this dramatic rescue below

The beginning might be a little disturbing for some, so skip to 0.50 to avoid the stress.

The little ginger tabby has been named Skidmark or Skids for short and is doing very well. Besides a little bit of ringworm, the vet has given him the all clear.

A big thank you to his wonderful human Laney for saving him from such a dire situation and giving him a wonderful home.



You can watch him grow up on Instagram or Youtube


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