amazing kitten rescue

Jason Frost and Brandon Key are two friends who love fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama. Except this time, they became rescuers of two ginger tabby kittens.

“We were sitting there, fishing, facing the bank, and then behind us we hear a splash,” Jason told BuzzFeed. “I thought it was a fish jumping out of the water. I turned around and saw something swimming in the water – and then we heard it meow.”



He pulled the kitten on the boat and thought that was it until Brandon said he thought he saw something jump into the water. Kitten number two made its way to the boat.



“Somebody probably dropped them off there in the middle of the night. They were so desperate they swam all the way out to us and almost jumped in the boat.”



“They played with us all day,” Jason said. “They were loving on us and people went by and thought we were these crazy people who took their cats fishing.”

The kittens were dried off and given some water to rehydrate. When the two mates reached land, a family with two daughters offered to give the soggy moggies a loving home. Watch the incredible video below.

Via BuzzFeed


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