psa: class action lawsuit against purina’s beneful



If you are feeding your dog Beneful, you might want to reconsider as Purina is currently battling a class action lawsuit for the death of 4,000 dogs.

Some of the symptoms include internal bleeding, diarrhea, seizures, liver and kidney failure. Plaintiff Frank Lucido alleges that these symptoms are too similar and frequent to be a coincidence.

Frank began feeding his 3 dogs around December/January. Soon after, his German Shepard was taken to the vet, showing signs of poisoning. Then, his wife found their English Bulldog dead in the backyard. A postmortem was carried out, revealing internal bleeding in the stomach and lesions in the liver similar to his German Shepard. Frank’s Labrador also started showing similar symptoms.

Frank approached his attorney Jeff Cereghino and with a little digging around found thousands of cases just like Frank’s. “We found a significant number of folks who were trying to draw exactly the same causal link…when I look at 4,000? Holy hell, there’s a lot of people out here” he told The Daily Beast.

There are two harmful substances found in Beneful; propylene glycol and mycotoxins. Propylene Glycol is a controversial additive widely used in foods and drinks as a thickener and preservative. It is an antifreeze compound, considered safe to use in SMALL qualities by the FDA. Mycotoxins are a toxic by product of mould, found in all types of grains and breakfast cereals.

Beneful’s ingredients list contains more grains than meat: round yellow corn, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, rice flour and soy flour. Grains are used as fillers in pet food to keep costs down and your pet full. If you are confused and in a panic, we have two articles on food that may help you; what is in pet food and what ingredients to look for.

Currently, Purina has released this statement on the matter:
“We believe the lawsuit is without merit and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves. Beneful is a high-quality nutritious food enjoyed by millions of dogs each year and there are no product quality issues with Beneful.”

Meanwhile, their Facebook thread is in full damage control.

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  1. Jane

    what about purina for cats? my kitty have kidney stones, and other feailures on his urine system , what about that? i´m worry of that, not only dogs are getting sick because of this food

    • meowoof

      Hi Jane, sounds like Purina could have played a part in your cat’s kidney stones but we’re unable to say for sure. We do believe that diet plays a huge role on the health and wellbeing of our fur-children and have written an article regarding our experiences here:
      In that article, we’ve also included two videos on what to look for in pet food to help you with decision making when it comes to pet nutrition. Hope that helps.

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