9 cats & dogs who are unimpressed by your life choices

This dog is displeased that you shake hands at work instead of sniffing butts.


Via Imgur

This tuxedo cat is disappointed that you didn’t dress appropriately for dinner.


Via Imgur

This dog didn’t expect you to take it to a place where there was nothing to do except to stare at rocks.


Via Reddit

This cat is annoyed that you don’t value cardboard boxes as highly as you should.


Via Tumblr

This dog is disgusted that you threw out the slice of pizza you dropped on the floor (it was only 4 seconds!).


Via Tumblr

This pup can’t believe that you pee into a bowl instead of drinking out of it.


Via Imgur

This cat is ashamed that you steal all the good bugs, and don’t even eat them!


Via Tumblr

This dog feels betrayed that you promised to go to the park but went to the vet instead.


Via Tumblr

This cat wonders how you took an art class and still manage to make it look fat.


Via Reddit


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