the softer side of pit bulls

Pit Bulls are often portrayed as aggressive and untrustworthy breeds and are more infamous on the news for dog fighting and dog attacks than other reasons.

Photographer Sophie Gamand is trying to change that perception with a series called “Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution”. Well know for her series on Wet Dogs, Gamand handmade the floral headpieces to soften the tough and gritty images Pit Bulls are often portrayed in.

Flower Power not only strives to change the Pit Bull stereotype, but aims to increase the number of adoptions for the breed. The models behind this photo series are all looking for loving homes. You can find them through Second Chance Rescue, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, and Animal Haven.

Flower Power prints are available for purchase with proceeds also going to these shelters.

Lucy (Animal Haven)

Rex (Sean Casey rescue)

Athena (Sean Casey rescue)

Cali (Sean Casey rescue)

Sweetheart (Second Chance rescue)

Baby (Sean Casey rescue)

Regina (Sean Casey rescue)

Jellybean (Sean Casey rescue)
FlowerPower8 Via Sophie Gamand



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