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The cold Aussie winter sometimes brings with it a rash on Udie’s belly. Whenever it is on the mend, his licking would inflame it despite our efforts to clean the area. To prevent him from licking the rash, we bought him a cone of shame. When we put it on, he just froze and was shaking all over. He tried walking around but he would bump into furniture and freak out. It was painful to watch because he seemed so uncomfortable and scared in an environment he knew so well. After half an hour, we decided to exchange the cone of shame for the Kong Cloud.

The Cloud collar comes deflated. To use it, you blow the device up via the air valve. Once the Cloud feels firm, you close the valve and push it in so it’s not sticking out.



There are loops on the inside where you insert your dog’s collar through. Then fasten the collar as normal and use the Velcro strap to close the Cloud.



Udie took to the Cloud collar much better. He was weary at first but quickly adapted. We think it’s because the Cloud collar sits behind the head so it didn’t obstruct his vision or rub on his ears. Udie could also eat and drink easily.

We highly recommend the Cloud collar, especially for older dogs as they take longer to adapt to new things. Because the Cloud collar is soft, it is unlikely to damage your furniture. It claims to be scratch and bite proof but we’re unsure how it would hold up in a multi-dog household.



Udie has been donning his Cloud pillow for more than two weeks now. He loves it so much that he approaches us with tail wagging when we have it in our hands (a much better reaction than the cone of shame). Not to mention he looks like he’s about to board an airplane ready to get some Zzzs.



Note: We have read some online reviews since we only have Udie to test it on and it seems that breeds with long snouts and legs such as German Shepherds are able to get around the Cloud collar and reach problem areas. This product is more effective on breeds with shorter snouts and legs and depends on where the problem area is.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, please seek professional advice when it comes to the health of your pet. This article is not sponsored by Kong. All opinions are our own and from our own experience at the time of writing.



  1. Hehe. The cone of shame! Such a funny but accurate name since so many dogs really don’t like it. Probably because (as you mentioned) it obstructs their view and makes everyday life a bit difficult. Thanks for showing us what the cloud collar looks like and how Udie got on with it.

    I must say the first thing I thought too when seeing him was – airplane pillow! It’s a good point about the Kong Cloud Collar being more comfortable for him and humans. When my dog, Chowski, had a cone of shame he kept running into my legs and bruising them! With this cloud collar that wouldn’t happen.

    In regards to other dogs being able to cheat the cloud collar – of course not every dog is going to get along with it. Long snouts and long legs probably require a satellite dish to stop them from reaching around it!

    I think it’s a good alternative and if you buy one and it doesn’t work so well, you can always donate it to your local animal rescue group. They are sure to need it at some point!

  2. Joanne s

    Not recommend for cats…. bought this from the animal shelter vet clinic when my kitten got neutered…..not long before he punctured a hole in the inflatable inner tube

  3. Penny

    I replaced the plastic cone with the Kong Cloud too. Much more comfortable, HOWEVER, had to
    replace it after less than 3 days as it became deflated and would no longer blow up plus the stitching
    became undone and no longer attached to the collar. This was not because of any abnormal behavior or
    action by our dog. Had had the replacement less than 1 1/2 days and the stitching has now become undone
    as well. Very cheaply made. It cost almost $35.00 at the local pet store.

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