whisker box

Every once in a while, we find Pepi and Jazzy’s whiskers in random parts of our house.

As sentimental as we are, we tend to throw them out instead collecting them in a jar, because frankly, jars are too ugly to contain these beauties.

In comes a new product on Amazon Japan: a stylish small wooden box just for storing fallen cat whiskers. And incase the box itself isn’t regal enough, it comes with a sheet of gold tissue paper, to wrap the precious whiskers in before placing them in the box.





If you’re not into collecting cat whiskers (why are you so heartless?), there’s also a box for you to collect your kitten’s milk teeth to give to the tooth fairy.



Before you say these will never sell, let alone retail for 1,580 yen ($16.70 AUD), think again. Both are completely sold out! You really want them now don’t you?!


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