tara the hero cat



This story is beyond amazing and will no doubt change some people’s perceptions of cats as selfish and aloof.

It started out like a normal afternoon, four year old Jeremy was happily playing in his front yard when the neighbour’s guard dog appeared from no-where and attacked him, dragging him off his bike. Then, the family’s cat Tara rushed to the scene and chased away the dog, saving Jeremy from further harm! All of this was captured by surveillance cameras.

Warning this following video shows Jeremy’s puncture wounds from the attack, so if you are squeamish, do not watch it.

 Jeremy required some stitches but was not seriously hurt.

 What we find heartwarming is that Tara chose the Triantafilo family, following Jeremy’s parents home from the park five years ago. Talk about meant to be!


Tara has become so famous and loved that she and her human family have been given the honour of throwing the first pitch at California’s Bakersfield Blaze’s game tomorrow night.


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