hello kitty flower tutorial

We love DIYs and when we stumbled across Jessica Okui’s adorable yet simple way of turning a bunch of carnations to Hello Kitty, we couldn’t help but share! To see her detailed post, click here.


Step 1
Gather four white carnations into an oval shape, avoiding any gaps so it looks like one giant carnation. Use floral tape to secure when you’re happy with the result.


Step 2
Get three buttons, one yellow and two black. Wrap wire around the backs of them.


Step 3
Place the wires with buttons into the carnations to make Hello Kitty’s face.


Step 4
Tie a red bow and trim off the tails. Then, cut two rounded triangles from a foam sheet. Glue one of the ears to the back of the bow. Tape the other ear to a floral wire.


Step 5
Place the ears at the top of the bouquet and secure the wires with floral tape.


Step 6
Cut 6 thin strips of black stock card, they should be 5cm long. Using straight pins, attach 3 strips to each side of the face inside the flowers.


Step 7
Admire and enjoy!


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