happy animals club



The story of Ken, a 9 year old Filipino boy looking after three mange stricken puppies from the streets is heartwarming and a great read. But in this particular case, the story continues to be written.



Thanks to donations from all over the world, Ken and his dad were able to nurse these puppies back to health.



What’s more, with the extra money, they leased a 1,000 square metre lot and named it Happy Animals Club. Its purpose: to rescue as many dogs from the city pound as possible.



Ideally Ken would be able to find homes for the rescue dogs when they are ready but just like in many other countries, mutts have a hard time being re-homed compared to pure breeds.


Well done to Ken (and Ken’s Dad) in your efforts to change a country and congratulations on your first big steps to make the Happy Animals Club a reality!


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