1600 panda world tour

The Giant Panda is one of the most well-known and loved bears in the world. Tragically, it is also the most endangered bear and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) along with artist Paulo Grangeon and creative studio Allrightsreserved are trying to save the species, by raising awareness of the Panda’s plight.


1600 papier-mâché pandas were made to represent the number of Giant Pandas alive globally! That’s such a dire statistic and it’s all thanks to us humans encroaching on their habitat.


These traveling Pandas have already been to cities like Paris, Rome and Berlin. They are currently in Hong Kong and will visit ten landmarks such as the Hong Kong International Airport and the Tian Tan Buddha.


We hope that this campaign achieves it’s purpose and stops by our home town of Sydney on the way around the world!





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