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When we adopted Udie as a 12 week old pup, we knew that he would grow to be a large dog so we put him on a glucosamine supplement after he turned 2. Glucosamine is a natural substance created by the body to develop and maintain healthy cartilage and help lubricate joints.

Over the last couple of years, we could really see signs of osteoarthritis in Udie; these include stiff joints in the mornings, especially in winter, hesitation to jump and overall slower in activities (especially walking and running). We felt that the glucosamine was no longer effective in providing him with comfort so we decided to put him on Sashas Blend mid last year.


Sashas Blend is a natural arthritis supplement “proven to address the 4 key needs to be a complete joint health treatment”, according to Interpath, the producers of this product.

The four needs are:
– Help reduce pain and inflammation
– Increase joint mobility
– Protect the cartilage from breakdown
– Safe to take long term

We saw a drastic improvement in Udie’s mobility and spirit about a month into it and we have not looked back since. Sashas Blend is easy to administer and we love that it is a natural, long-term solution that Udie responds well to.

Each dog will respond differently so you won’t really know until you try it out. Sashas Blend is a powder and the smell is very pungent as it contains many marine ingredients such as mussel, abalone and cartilage.


If your dog is not a fussy eater, they may just eat it on its own. You could also try adding a little water to the powder and turn it into a paste, and feed it to your dog. But if your dog is fussy like Udie, try doing what we do in the video below.

Sashas Blend is an Australian product and you can buy it from pet supply shops nation wide. The RRP varies from store to store but can be up to $85. We got ours for $44 in our pet health haul but the price has gone up to $46.

To our international readers, you may be able to purchase Sashas Blend from these suppliers.

We hope your dog gets the spring in its step and an improvement in their quality of life just as Udie has after being on Sashas Blend.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians, please seek professional advice when it comes to the health of your pet. This article is not sponsored Sashas Blend. All prices are mentioned in Australian dollars (AUD). All opinions are our own and from our own experience at the time of writing.


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