jarvis the cross-eyed kitty


Jarvis P. Weasley was found on the side of the road at four weeks old. He had an upper respiratory infection and came into Oakland Animal Services in California as a “cross-eyed, snot-nosed, squinty yet adorable mess” recalls his mum, Daria Kelly.


Jarvis is named after the front man of Pulp Jarvis Cocker and the Harry Potter character Ron Weasley who is ginger.

Even though Jarvis had a rough start to life, he is “so happy-go-lucky” with a “zest for life”. It’s no wonder that Jarvis has become a permanent member of Daria’s family even though he started out as a foster.


Five years on, Jarvis helps his mum by making the new fosters feel at ease because “he is so personable and non-threatening.”

What a great way to pay it forward Jarvis!


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