friend of udie (fou): mochi


This is Mochi, the talented pug with a knack for reenacting iconic movie scenes on Instagram. With more than 6500 followers, she’s a pretty big deal! Aside from her impressive posing skills, Mochi’s from Sydney, making her a local celebrity. Her proud and doting mum Miranda Bryce gave us the inside scoop on her adorable pooch:

Name: Mochi
DOB: 28/01/2012
Breed: Pug
Colour: Fawn
From: Kabova Pugs


Her tale: Mochi was bred from 2 beautiful show-dogs, but was too small to be a champion herself. A small pug was just fine with me though, so we took Mochi (named after the soft Japanese rice-cake because of her squidginess) and now she’s a bit of a champion in her own right.
Digs: Food, cuddles, food, the dog park, food.
Peeves: I’m yet to find anything that she doesn’t love with a passion.
Quirks: Mochi is fearless – which takes many forms. Sometimes it means that she will jump over a wall and into the Sydney Harbour; like she did in Winter when I had to jump in and rescue her. Other times it means that she enjoys a good push on the swings in the park.

Mochi is known for impersonating characters from movies. How did that come about?

It started out as a bit of a laugh with friends and took off really quickly. Now people say that they wait with their family every weekend to guess what Mochi will be dressed up as and that it makes their day, so I kept doing it. Knowing that people dotted all over the world get a little giggle in their day from Mochi is a pretty cool thought.

What is Mochi like to work with?

She’s very patient, though I suspect that is more due to the fact that she knows a treat is coming. For her, getting dressed up and sitting still is a game and when you’re a pug, all attention is good attention.

What’s a typical day like for Mochi?

I wake up each morning to find her sleeping on the pillow next to my face (despite putting her down on the end of the bed each night). She often gets into the shower as it runs to warm up, so then we head outside to run around and dry off (her, not me).

As we go and get breakfast she is always greeted by name at the café by staff and homeless people on the street (such a Surry Hills dog).

She has an afternoon nap and then heads to the park to see friends for a game of chasey and a wrestle, followed by cuddles on the couch and sad eyes as we eat dinner (she knows how to get her way).

Where can we see Mochi next?

We’ve just finished Oscar’s week which was a huge one, with Mochi partnering with Beggin Bacon Strips for an Oscars countdown series.

If you’ve fallen in love with Mochi like we have, and can’t wait to see who she is going to impersonate next, you can follow her on Instagram.



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