unstable udie


Our adventure dog Udie gave us quite a scare last Wednesday afternoon. After his usual walk, he sat down and whimpered. He then had trouble getting up and walking. His hind legs seemed unable to support his body, almost like he was becoming paralysed in front of our very eyes. We thought maybe he had a paralysis tick and began frantically searching for any lumps on his body.

However, after 10 minutes of lying down, he got up and was walking around again. We quickly took him to our local vet and was told he possibly has sore knees. He was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and lots of rest to see how he responds.

Since then, we have observed that his back legs are very weak, sometimes unable to support his body when he is marking trees.

On Friday, we took Udie to see a vet that specialised in orthopaedics. After studying his movements and examining his reflexes, the specialist concluded that Udie could have underlying neurological problems. However, the proper diagnosis will take a while, he could have several issues going on at the same time.

We are told to observe him, gradually working from bed rest to his normal walks over the course of a few weeks.

We will keep you updated on his condition. We are hopeful that it’s treatable and that his body will once again be able to keep up with him.


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