unstable udie


So as you guys know, Udie had sudden weak hind legs two weeks ago.

He had trouble walking normally, sometimes his back legs would have a delay and his nails would scrape across the ground. Especially when he was marking trees he would often lose his balance and stumble mid-pee.

We made the decision to X-ray his knees and his lower spine in the hopes of getting a clearer understanding of what he could be suffering from and while we found clear evidence of arthritis we still had questions about what his lameness episode was about. In the days following he began getting better and better, he displayed more strength in his back legs, increased co-ordination and a desire to trot, run and an overall rise in enthusiasm.

Udie was thoroughly examined on Monday, and his tentative diagnosis was Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE). FCE is a stroke in the spinal cord, caused by a clot of foreign material.

Because his condition improved every day, other possibilities such as Intervertebral Disc Disease and a Tumour were ruled out.

We’re very grateful that he has made a tremendous recovery, almost 100% and within such a short time. After some more in depth reading about how extreme this condition can be, we feel extremely lucky that his episode was brief and relatively mild. For all the fur-parents going through FCE, be strong and don’t give up!

We can’t wait to resume our daily walks again on something more than level ground carparks and disability ramps. This is quite a realisation that the boisterous activities of Udie may seem to have caught up with him but we’ll be sure to find some forms of low impact fun to keep him in the best shape possible!

If there are lessons to learn about preparations for a dog entering its later years we would recommend:
– To try to keep their weight down by controlling their diet.
– Supplement the diet to boost joint strength e.g. Sasha’s blend / Glucosamine.


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