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As you guys know, we went on a long overseas holiday. Prior to that, we were busy looking for suitable boarding houses for them. We ended up going with Sydney Pet Resort for Udie and Aragon Cattery for Pepi and Jazzy.
Aragon Cattery
The Penthouse Suites at Aragon reminded us most of our home. Each room was large, secure and had its own couch. The owner, Prue, was so warm and friendly that we were happy to leave our cats in her hands. All the rooms were spotless and the boarding cats all looked relaxed and happy.


When we went to pick them up, Pepi and Jazzy were enjoying themselves on the couch. Although they looked happy to see us, they seemed content to stay there. Prue was just gushing about our cats and we could tell she genuinely enjoyed looking after them. What’s more, Pepi and Jazzy were completely at ease in her company and even wanted smooches from her.

We highly recommend Aragon Cattery if you’re looking for a place for your cat to board. Prue is so wonderful and this is reflected in the fact that her cattery is always in high demand.
Sydney Pet Resort
The main reason why we chose Sydney Pet Resort was that they have a free roaming policy. This meant that Udie was outdoors with other dogs under supervision for most of the day and not kept in kennels most of the time.

What was most impressive was that we could not find any negative reviews and it really strengthened our belief that this was the right choice for us.

No matter which staff member we talked to, we felt like they were all genuine dog lovers and would be happy to work for free with their enthusiastic and friendly nature. There were no peak season rates, nor added costs for administering medication. We felt that this business existed not necessarily to make money, but to truly give dogs a holiday stay while their parents were away.

What was most exciting was checking their website to look at photos and movies they recorded of Udie. Just being able to see him happy and well allowed us to enjoy ourselves on holiday, and look forward to seeing him on our return.

Much to our delight, Udie received a complimentary wash so came home smelling fresh and clean.


We were quite fearful that the experience of boarding for all our animals might be one that would be frightening for them and they could develop aggressive or fearful behaviours. The fact that all our pets returned home and acted like we never left is proof enough to us that we made the best choices for them.

Don’t worry, we are in no hurry to holiday again, but if we did, we would have no hesitation in returning our pets to Aragon Cattery and Sydney Pet Resort.


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