molly mutt dog bed duvet review


Six months on, Udie’s bed is still going strong. He has the ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ outdoor bed in the ‘Huge’ size. We love it and he loves it too. The material is soft and thin but it repels water quite well. He goes on walks a lot, rain or shine, so it’s important to us that his bed doesn’t stay damp for very long when we get back.


We consider Udie a big dog but he only takes up half of it so there’s plenty of room for him to ‘roll around’. He’s not a chewer so we don’t know how this bed would perform if it was gnawed on but Udie is a ‘scratcher’. He prepares his bed by standing over it and clawing at it. He will walk circles on it and finally settle down to sleep so most beds we’ve thrown out are due to his claws wearing through the bed material. The duvet is not in mint condition like when we first got it, there is some fraying, the material is getting a little fluffy but considering this daily ritual, the cover is looking great.


We also have the indoor bed cover in ‘Midnight Train’. We love the colour and the material is nice and thick, however, it’s not waterproof so it will get dirty quite easily if your dog gets lots of walks. Due to the thickness of the material, it takes longer to dry in winter as well.


Even though Udie is an indoor dog, we would probably continue to purchase the outdoor versions when his current cover dies.

– water resistant
– light weight
– easy to wash and dry
– variety of patterns and sizes

– The only con we can think of is that the pattern we got is too light, his black fur makes the cover look dirtier than it is. There is another pattern called ‘Wildflowers’ which would camouflage his fur (and dirt) better so consider the pattern and the colour of your dog before buying.

Rating: 9/10 A great idea, fun patterns, durable, what’s not to love!



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