home sweet home

Hi everyone;

We’re back from our holiday! Whilst we had a wonderful and relaxing time in Thailand and Singapore, we missed our fur-children dearly. So it’s good to be back at home with the cats and dog and carry on with life like we never left.

There are lots to catch up on so bear with us and we shall resume posting soon. In the meantime, here are some happy snaps of our holiday.











p.s We missed you guys too.



  1. AG

    Jist an update that Tiger Temple is not a sanctuary. It has been closed indefinitely. Thai police discovered 40 tiger cub carcasses preserved in freezers, while one monk was caught trying to flee with skins and fangs. Please let people know they should think before paying to pose with predators. Most are drugged for compliance, even the cubs.

    • meowoof

      Hi AG

      We recently read that about the Tiger Temple as well and are deeply saddened by the grim finds. We visited the temple because we thought it was a sanctuary for tigers but that unfortunately was not the case.

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