cataholic cat cafe

Being away from our pets whilst on holidays is hard so we couldn’t contain our excitement when we heard we were going to visit a cat cafe in Bangkok.


We had heard of such cafes in Japan but never imagined that they were popular in Thailand. The day we went, it was raining cats and dogs (pardon the pun). When we got there, Cataholic was full of patrons doting over the various live-in kitties.


The cafe offers a variety of beverages and sweets (think cat paw print toast), but most people come here to be in the company of the sassy felines. It is definitely an experience if you haven’t been to one before and just what we needed to get our feline fix.


Cataholic is located in a little pet friendly community mall called Ozono. You’ll find people dining with their dogs or simply showing them off in the little dog park. Aside from the many cafes, there are pet shops, groomers as well as boarding facilities for both cats and dogs.

If you’re holidaying in Thailand and miss your felines, drop into Cataholic Cafe to get your temporary fix!

Cataholic Cafe is located at: Ozono, Level 2, 307 Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, Thailand.


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