how to get your cat to stop scratching your furniture

Is your furniture covered in plastic because you don’t trust your cat? Or have you given up altogether and not buy nice things at all? Some cat owners even resort to getting their cats  declawed so they dont’t have to deal with scratches altogether.

Cats need to ‘own’ things to feel secure and happy. If there is nothing in your home that belongs to them, they may tear up everything or develop behavioural issues due to being insecure.

So, to keep both you and your feline child happy, here are some scratch hacks:
– Give your cat things they can scratch, like scratching pads/posts. If you are worried they won’t match your décor, think again. They are many modern looking scratching devices out there to suit your taste.
– Observe what type of scratcher your cat is. Our two cats have very different habits: Pepi likes to scratch on vertical surfaces such as the sides of sofas, so scratching poles and wall-mounted scratching pads are more appropriate for him. Jazzy on the other hand likes to scratch things on the ground like the doormat, so scratching pads placed on the ground are more suitable for him.
– Invest in a cat tree where your cat is able to play and sleep.
– Play with your cat to ‘feed’ their hunting instincts and drain out excess energy so they are not bored and treat your furniture as toys.
– Trimming your cat’s claws regularly will also reduce furniture damage.

This video from the owner of Kodi and Shorty shows that cats and furniture can co-exist. We must admit that our cats are pretty good too so good luck!


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