hawthorne canal reserve

Situated in the suburb of Leichhardt, Canal Road dog park (as we like to call it), is a particularly secure park to let your dog off leash.

It is much more narrow than it is long, with a canal on one side and a wire fence on the other.

You can be fairly certain that you will not lose sight of your dog in a bush or in thick scrub because there are only large trees and open fields of grass around here… unless they love water enough to jump into the canal (yes, it happens… frequently… especially Labradors).

It is close to the Bay Run; a 7km on-leash circuit, which passes through several suburbs and maintains water views for its entirety.

This park has many bins and dog bags but can retain quite a lot of water after heavy rains.

Hawthorne Canal Reserve is probably best known for Cafe Bones, where they not only serve human food but also delicious doggy treats such as the puppiccino to re-energise after a day of play.

Even without a bite to eat, this park can be a great place to meet and play with a range of different sized dogs.


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