rouse hill dog park

Rouse Hill is a relatively new suburb located in the North West of Sydney, New South Wales. It is a suburb which reflects the needs of young families, with plenty of cafes and shopping available in its town centre.

The dog park is named Connie Lowe Reserve and is a large piece of land resembling a cricket pitch with a white picket fence all the way around. As it is an open and flat area, there is little shade. Responsible dog owners and well maintained grass equals a pleasant environment with little dog waste considering the popularity of this park.

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Generous living space in Rouse Hill and surrounds means that the size of dogs that play in this park are more often medium to large breeds. They are also for the most part well socialised and with very watchful owners that quickly respond to their dogs’ actions!

Overall Udie had a great time here. On hot summer days though, being a black coated dog in this low shade dog park would be much less fun. If you’re ever in the area with your dog, drop by and say hello to the friendly and playful residents.



  1. Selina Wong

    Great dog park and lovely people but BEWARE! A grey and white bulldog with a pink harness attacked my dog today. It was not the first time it has happened. The bulldog has previously ripped my dog’s ear. Today, the same bulldog had its jaw locked on the top of my dog’s head and wouldn’t let go. It’s owner didn’t do a thing about it.

    I understand my dog (chihuahua/pom) snarled at it, but the owner should at least take responsibility and have a muzzle on it.

    It was sad to see and talk to other visitors who had asked us if our dog was ok and felt they had to hold their dogs until the bulldog left.

    • meowoof

      Hi Selina

      We’re very sorry to hear that your dog was attacked but glad that your dog is ok. Unfortunately as nice as any dog park can be, unpredictable dogs and owners who fail to act are always a potential visitor and you always have to be vigilant.

      Make sure that this experience doesn’t stop you from taking your dog to dog parks as the benefits of having a social dog far out weigh avoiding potential incidents. Try to always leave the dog park on a good note, even if your dog has just been attacked so that there is no negative association to that area.

      Udie has been attacked numerous times (and he is a large dog). We have learnt to identify dogs which he may not get along with and worked out our response to these incidents such as firm commands (yelling) to break up fights. As a last resort (not recommended on your own), if your dogs are locked together, to quickly approach both dogs from behind and grab and lift both of their hind legs (like wheeling a wheelbarrow) to separate them and keep yourself away from their teeth.

      We wish you and your dog happier and less confronting trips to your local dog parks!

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